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  • Perfect sunny day
  • Friends and Family
  • Basic ingredients
  • Mood to celebrate

Perfect! You are ready for barbecuing. Grilling and smoking become a priority when it comes to celebrating the day with your near ones. This is the time when you can enjoy and share thoughts together.

Cooking food is no big deal, once you go through the recipe you can cook it easily but with right techniques and tricks, you can become the ultimate chef of your house.

No worries we have some useful tips for the novice also. Who knows you are the next one to shine. Check out some of our tips to make your barbecuing skills better.

1. The foremost thing to do is, get the RIGHT barbecue for the celebrations. Make a choice accordingly, what kind of burner you want. It would be better if you get a charcoal one. Gas grills are also good to do barbecuing but charcoal grills can give you better smoky taste. Try to cover the food with the lid while cooking, it will use less fuel and give better smoke.

2. If you are thinking of getting a charcoal one, be sure that the fuel you bought is the right one because choosing the correct one can bring a lot of difference in your food’s taste. You can opt for pellets because they are made from crushed sawdust that can give the best smoke. Adding a few lumps of wood to the charcoal can be a lit factor in grilling.

3. Once you are done with the ingredients you need, we have a trick to use here also. Marinade with salt 2 hours before grilling, it would surely prove as a pro tip. Take out the vegetables, meat or chicken (whatever you are going to cook) from the fridge 20 minutes before cooking, it will help the food to meet the room temperature and grilling becomes easy.

grilling becomes easy

4. To have the right technique for controlling the temperature is another chef quality you would need if you are serious about learning. You can use moveable grills to shuffle and grill the food. But checking the heat with hands is an ideal way to do.

5. Grilling and flipping may become difficult when you are without proper tools. Get a nice pair of tongs to do the needful or you can go for oven gloves if fish is in your today’s menu. Getting correct tools while barbecuing gives you comfort when cooking.

6. Marinating itself has many techniques to go with when preparing for the barbecue session. Use light olive oil to marinade as it will give better smoke when in contact with the barbecue. Marinating overnight can give some excellent flavors possible (Remember not every type of food is suitable for this method). Once done with cooking keep the meat or chicken (away from barbecue) to dissolve every flavor in it properly. This is the only way you can get maximum flavors.

preparing for the barbecue session

So with the help of these tricky tips, you can show off your hidden cooking talent. We have one more secret to share, try to do the basics one day before (if the gathering is pre-planned). It would lessen your time in doing preparations and increase in giving it to the loved ones. You can check our article on tips for cleaning and maintain your grills to use them in their best condition for the next time.

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