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Our 6 Best Grilling Tips for Summer – Bennyseafood

  • Perfect sunny day
  • Friends and Family
  • Basic ingredients
  • Mood to celebrate

Perfect! You are ready for barbecuing. Grilling and smoking become a priority when it comes to celebrating the day with your near ones. This is the time when you can enjoy and share thoughts together.

Cooking food is no big deal, once you go through the recipe you can cook it easily but with right techniques and tricks, you can become the ultimate chef of your house.

No worries we have some useful tips for the novice also. Who knows you are the next one to shine. Check out some of our tips to make your barbecuing skills better.

1. The foremost thing to do is, get the RIGHT barbecue for the celebrations. Make a choice accordingly, what kind of burner you want. It would be better if you get a charcoal one. Gas grills are also good to do barbecuing but charcoal grills can give you better smoky taste. Try to cover the food with the lid while cooking, it will use less fuel and give better smoke.

2. If you are thinking of getting a charcoal one, be sure that the fuel you bought is the right one because choosing the correct one can bring a lot of difference in your food’s taste. You can opt for pellets because they are made from crushed sawdust that can give the best smoke. Adding a few lumps of wood to the charcoal can be a lit factor in grilling.

3. Once you are done with the ingredients you need, we have a trick to use here also. Marinade with salt 2 hours before grilling, it would surely prove as a pro tip. Take out the vegetables, meat or chicken (whatever you are going to cook) from the fridge 20 minutes before cooking, it will help the food to meet the room temperature and grilling becomes easy.

grilling becomes easy

4. To have the right technique for controlling the temperature is another chef quality you would need if you are serious about learning. You can use moveable grills to shuffle and grill the food. But checking the heat with hands is an ideal way to do.

5. Grilling and flipping may become difficult when you are without proper tools. Get a nice pair of tongs to do the needful or you can go for oven gloves if fish is in your today’s menu. Getting correct tools while barbecuing gives you comfort when cooking.

6. Marinating itself has many techniques to go with when preparing for the barbecue session. Use light olive oil to marinade as it will give better smoke when in contact with the barbecue. Marinating overnight can give some excellent flavors possible (Remember not every type of food is suitable for this method). Once done with cooking keep the meat or chicken (away from barbecue) to dissolve every flavor in it properly. This is the only way you can get maximum flavors.

preparing for the barbecue session

So with the help of these tricky tips, you can show off your hidden cooking talent. We have one more secret to share, try to do the basics one day before (if the gathering is pre-planned). It would lessen your time in doing preparations and increase in giving it to the loved ones. You can check our article on tips for cleaning and maintain your grills to use them in their best condition for the next time.

How to buy the best barbecue? – Bennyseafood

The moment you hear the word ‘barbecue’ thoughts like a weekend with family, camping with friends starts coming in your mind. For some, it is just a cooking vessel to have a rich taste of food and for some barbecue is an emotion that is connected with their closed ones.

Oh, so you were also planning to buy one? Great. We have done some research to help you out in buying a perfect barbecue.

Before buying a barbecue first make yourself clear about some questions, what kind of food you will be grilling?

Do you want it for a regular user or not? What would be the budget for buying it? Where would you keep it (is there any proper space available or not)? And many more. Don’t worry we will help you out with the answers also.

So to start with the selection process, barbecues are basically categorized into two bases: Charcoal and Gas.

Given below are the characteristics of both the types to make the decision easy.

Which one is better- Charcoal or Gas?

The very first point to consider while buying a barbecue is, what do you want, a gas pipeline connection or a sack full of charcoals.

Grilling and smoking with charcoal can take a little longer time to get hot enough to cook the food but as everyone says ‘Fruit of patience is always sweet’. You will definitely get a better taste when charcoal gives the best smoke to your food.

Preparing food with the gas barbecue is good for instant cooking as it ignites on one go and starts grilling the food immediately. But as compared to the charcoal one, you may get multiple burners to cook food but getting an authentic taste is difficult what you generally expect.

Of course, opting the option of charcoal is way cheaper than gas and also it will help you in the long run.

Stop! Think before you pay

Spending money on something is surely your convenience but why not spend for one time and enjoy for a long time.

You may get a no of models in the market at the lowest price that has all the basic features a barbecue should have but is it really worth spending money?

Try to go with branded ones, like the Weber barbecues, they are bit costly than others but you will get the best product with a high-quality material. There is surely more of fun while using these barbecues as you can do a lot of experimenting with grilling and smoking.

We can’t force you to buy a particular kind of barbecue because making a choice clearly depends on you. But try to keep the important factors before having one.

Stop! Think before you pay

Pick the Size Thoughtfully

So once you are done with the above features, buy a barbecue according to the specific reason you are purchasing. If you want to get it for the family (5-6 people) two burner gas or medium sized charcoal barbeque will work and also it would make your work easy.

But you would definitely need a four-burner gas if you are planning to throw a party for the friends because its large grill will allow you to cook food for more people at a time.

An oil drum or half barrel barbecue is a perfect choice if there is a huge quantity of food to be cooked (a huge gathering, for instance).

A portable table-top barbecue is best suited for a small camping as it uses smaller disposable gas canisters but always see what kind of canisters it use and where can you get them from.

Pick the Size Thoughtfully

There’s lot more than grilling

Barbecuing is not just restricted to grilling and smoking. Making hamburgers and sausages are one of the easiest tasks to do on a standard grill.

But do you know some barbecues can even fry, roast, sauté, and bake and roast your food? Interesting right? Now show your hidden chef qualities.

If your barbecue has a tight-fitting hood, kudos, you can even roast whole joints of meat on some barbecues.

Now boiling or steaming vegetables is not a tough task to do if you have a side burner in your barbecue instead of a side storage shelf.

Remember the more features are there the more pricey it gets. So choose your barbecue according to your preferences.

There’s lot more than grilling

Happy Barbecuing.


How To Clean and Maintain Your Grill – Bennyseafood

A grill or barbecue whatever you say is used for smoking and grilling food. Barbecuing is one such method where you get all the rich and authentic flavors you wish your food should contain.

It is rightly said, man or machine, everyone needs maintenance. Thus, cleaning and maintaining the grill also becomes equally important. For that, you must know about some basic techniques and tips for how to clean it properly. It is not a burdensome task to perform, all you need some important cleaning essentials and some time.

To do the clean-up job more efficiently, let’s have a look at how to do the same and some buying tips which can help you in future.

Interior Care

  1. So let’s start with the ACE of the grilling tools i.e. the grill grate. Because most of the part is done on the grate so it requires a little extra care. To start with the cleaning process, take an appropriate dry wire brush for brushing the grate. Cleaning it regularly will keep the bacteria away from the food.
  2. Turn off the burners before cleaning a gas grill and a grill stone can be best used to do the job. Charcoal grills can be easily cleaned with a brush because the water distributed to the grate will help to clean it properly. Chrome and cast iron grates should be oiled with vegetable oil after the use to prevent it from rusting.
  3. While cleaning your gas grills always check the fuel connection in case if there is any crack. If any problem found, the very first thing to do is to tighten the connections or change the fuel line (if required).
  4. Keep a regular check on the ignition system to see whether the regulators are properly tightening up. Also, you can use a grill lighter to check. Also, check the ignition switch’s batteries and clean the electrodes (if required you can replace also).

cleaning grill interior

Exterior Care

It is quite obvious that while grilling veggies, oil, grease or some steaks would definitely fall through the grates. Some would recommend that you can clean the grate once in a year or after 6-7 months. But I would recommend that cleaning should be done at least one in a month and if possible do it after every use. You only need to have a good dry brush, soapy water, an empty bucket of debris and of course some time.

Grills are made of different kind of materials and cleaning method to every material is different.

Porcelain coated steel lids are flimsy and can get easily break so they need extra care while cleaning. Try to use mild dishwashing soap and water to clean and further dry with paper towels.

Carry forward the same method with powder coated steel lids and do not try to use stainless steel polish as it may damage the real finish.

Now it’s the time to bring your soapy water in use, for cleaning stainless steel lids clean the stubborn grime and grease using a sponge. Once cleaning is done, remove all the soap with warm water and dry using a cloth or rag.

Sandpaper or scraper can be best used to clean the corrosion of the painted lids. Wash the surface with soapy water and once dry, you can paint the lid as per given in manual’s instructions.

cleaning grill exterior

Some points to remember (Always)

  1. Try to clean your grill after every use to remove extra grease and to keep the grates neat and healthy to use again.
  2. Keep a regular check on fuel lines and ignition system. Also, check the fuel level.
  3. If you love grilling, keep that some love for grills also. Clean the interiors and exteriors timely.
  4. Clean the cooking grates, burner protectors, and venture tubes whenever possible.

4 Types of Barbecue Grills Every Grill Lover Should Know About – Bennyseafood

Barbecue grills become a necessity when it comes to spending summer vacations, house parties and family get together. It also becomes a good time to show some of your chef qualities as barbecue grills give you a no of choices to experiment.

Are you planning to have a new grill or thinking of changing your old one?

Though there are several options in the market but don’t do the buying in haste. First, think what your needs are and what kind of grill you want? In order to find the best grill for yourself, you need to check all the features and drawbacks of it.

Before buying a grill, just clear out with some queries, what type of food you will be grilling? Do you want to cook the food quickly? Once done with some of the questions, you can easily decide which one is best according to your preferences. Have a look at our grill guide which may help you to make a decision of getting the best-suited barbecue grill.


Types Of Grills

1. Gas Grills:

The one who is always in a hurry, gas grill is a perfect choice for them. For those who want to get their food ready in minimum time, without bothering about the smoky taste, a gas grill would definitely work.

Because you just need to ignite and start cooking. The very first thing you should notice in your gas grill is that the burner should be good enough compared to the size of grill. Make sure that the flame tamer is set properly to give your food even heat.

The downside of a gas grill is that the food can be prepared quickly but you can’t get the real aroma of smoke. There would always be a difference in the taste. Though some grills have small smoker boxes the authentic smoky flavor can be achieved only with the charcoal grill.

The cooking grids are made of either stainless, porcelain coated or cast iron, whatever the material is used always clean the grid properly because then only it can provide a better taste next time. They can be cleaned easily with a wire brush.

Climate is one the major factors to keep in mind while buying a gas grill. However, they make a great option for outdoor grills.

If you live in an area where humidity is high, go for a stainless steel or aluminum one, but if you reside on a coast always choose a copper one otherwise stainless can also get rusted there.

Gas grills range differently, you can make a choice according to the budget.

Gas Grills


2. Charcoal Grill:

When it comes to the real authentic smoky taste, most of you would surely prefer a charcoal grill. Of course, gas grills and electric grills provide more comfort but for those whose first priority is smoky flavor, the charcoal grill would remain the best.

The smoke and heat that charcoal provides to the food add a distinctive flavor to it. People with a lot of patience and cooking skills will never get bored of it.

Yes, the charcoal grill takes a long time to start (around 45 minutes) and pre-heat. You can’t just put the food in and leave. Charcoal burns at a higher temperature than gas but once it is done, you can’t get a better crispy taste of meat anywhere. A charcoal grill is not useful for grilling one kind of food but also gives a space for baking bread or pizza.

Types of charcoal grills available in the market are Kettle grills, Barrel grills and smokers and kamado grills. If you’re not sure which type would suit you best, KitchenGuyd has an in-depth review of the best charcoal grills for every user.

If you are looking for an affordable grill, kettle grill would be the best choice. It provides you with a good smoky taste but is used to cook for certain people only.

If a large cooking surface is your first concern then you must go for a barrel one, it won’t cost you too much and can cook for more people.

But a ceramic or kamado grill is the best amongst them because it provides you with the best smoky taste and also uses a large surface area for cooking. Once a person is addicted to the ceramic grill, they can’t get over the taste it provides.

A tight-fitted lid is a must-have thing for the grill because it helps you in controlling the temperature.

Clean-up job is very easy and also important. It should be cleaned and re-oiled after every use. The process depends on what type of grill you are having.

Charcoal Grill


3. Electric Grills:

Electric grills are best suited for cooking inside your home. These grills work on electricity and can grill meat, toast, sandwiches and even vegetables. An electric grill is easy to carry as well as easy to use.

To grill something use just need to switch on the button and it heats up with speed.

Though it is easy to use smoky flavor is always lost in the food.

Electric grills come in different ranges, you can choose one according to your budget.

Enjoy grilling in the privacy of your home.

Electric Grill


4. Portable Grills:

If you want something you can easily take for a small trip or camping then portable grills are a perfect choice.

The grill works on propane or charcoal and they can be easily taken from one place to other.

A durable and lightweight portable grill is all you need when you are out and needs freshly prepared hot food. But it can cook food for around 4-5 people only. Portable grills are the most affordable one with all the basic features available.

We have discussed basic factors you need to look for while buying a grill. Every grill is good in its own way, you can choose that one deciding factor and enjoy barbecuing.

Portable Grill