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The moment you hear the word ‘barbecue’ thoughts like a weekend with family, camping with friends starts coming in your mind. For some, it is just a cooking vessel to have a rich taste of food and for some barbecue is an emotion that is connected with their closed ones.

Oh, so you were also planning to buy one? Great. We have done some research to help you out in buying a perfect barbecue.

Before buying a barbecue first make yourself clear about some questions, what kind of food you will be grilling?

Do you want it for a regular user or not? What would be the budget for buying it? Where would you keep it (is there any proper space available or not)? And many more. Don’t worry we will help you out with the answers also.

So to start with the selection process, barbecues are basically categorized into two bases: Charcoal and Gas.

Given below are the characteristics of both the types to make the decision easy.

Which one is better- Charcoal or Gas?

The very first point to consider while buying a barbecue is, what do you want, a gas pipeline connection or a sack full of charcoals.

Grilling and smoking with charcoal can take a little longer time to get hot enough to cook the food but as everyone says ‘Fruit of patience is always sweet’. You will definitely get a better taste when charcoal gives the best smoke to your food.

Preparing food with the gas barbecue is good for instant cooking as it ignites on one go and starts grilling the food immediately. But as compared to the charcoal one, you may get multiple burners to cook food but getting an authentic taste is difficult what you generally expect.

Of course, opting the option of charcoal is way cheaper than gas and also it will help you in the long run.

Stop! Think before you pay

Spending money on something is surely your convenience but why not spend for one time and enjoy for a long time.

You may get a no of models in the market at the lowest price that has all the basic features a barbecue should have but is it really worth spending money?

Try to go with branded ones, like the Weber barbecues, they are bit costly than others but you will get the best product with a high-quality material. There is surely more of fun while using these barbecues as you can do a lot of experimenting with grilling and smoking.

We can’t force you to buy a particular kind of barbecue because making a choice clearly depends on you. But try to keep the important factors before having one.

Stop! Think before you pay

Pick the Size Thoughtfully

So once you are done with the above features, buy a barbecue according to the specific reason you are purchasing. If you want to get it for the family (5-6 people) two burner gas or medium sized charcoal barbeque will work and also it would make your work easy.

But you would definitely need a four-burner gas if you are planning to throw a party for the friends because its large grill will allow you to cook food for more people at a time.

An oil drum or half barrel barbecue is a perfect choice if there is a huge quantity of food to be cooked (a huge gathering, for instance).

A portable table-top barbecue is best suited for a small camping as it uses smaller disposable gas canisters but always see what kind of canisters it use and where can you get them from.

Pick the Size Thoughtfully

There’s lot more than grilling

Barbecuing is not just restricted to grilling and smoking. Making hamburgers and sausages are one of the easiest tasks to do on a standard grill.

But do you know some barbecues can even fry, roast, sauté, and bake and roast your food? Interesting right? Now show your hidden chef qualities.

If your barbecue has a tight-fitting hood, kudos, you can even roast whole joints of meat on some barbecues.

Now boiling or steaming vegetables is not a tough task to do if you have a side burner in your barbecue instead of a side storage shelf.

Remember the more features are there the more pricey it gets. So choose your barbecue according to your preferences.

There’s lot more than grilling

Happy Barbecuing.


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