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A grill or barbecue whatever you say is used for smoking and grilling food. Barbecuing is one such method where you get all the rich and authentic flavors you wish your food should contain.

It is rightly said, man or machine, everyone needs maintenance. Thus, cleaning and maintaining the grill also becomes equally important. For that, you must know about some basic techniques and tips for how to clean it properly. It is not a burdensome task to perform, all you need some important cleaning essentials and some time.

To do the clean-up job more efficiently, let’s have a look at how to do the same and some buying tips which can help you in future.

Interior Care

  1. So let’s start with the ACE of the grilling tools i.e. the grill grate. Because most of the part is done on the grate so it requires a little extra care. To start with the cleaning process, take an appropriate dry wire brush for brushing the grate. Cleaning it regularly will keep the bacteria away from the food.
  2. Turn off the burners before cleaning a gas grill and a grill stone can be best used to do the job. Charcoal grills can be easily cleaned with a brush because the water distributed to the grate will help to clean it properly. Chrome and cast iron grates should be oiled with vegetable oil after the use to prevent it from rusting.
  3. While cleaning your gas grills always check the fuel connection in case if there is any crack. If any problem found, the very first thing to do is to tighten the connections or change the fuel line (if required).
  4. Keep a regular check on the ignition system to see whether the regulators are properly tightening up. Also, you can use a grill lighter to check. Also, check the ignition switch’s batteries and clean the electrodes (if required you can replace also).

cleaning grill interior

Exterior Care

It is quite obvious that while grilling veggies, oil, grease or some steaks would definitely fall through the grates. Some would recommend that you can clean the grate once in a year or after 6-7 months. But I would recommend that cleaning should be done at least one in a month and if possible do it after every use. You only need to have a good dry brush, soapy water, an empty bucket of debris and of course some time.

Grills are made of different kind of materials and cleaning method to every material is different.

Porcelain coated steel lids are flimsy and can get easily break so they need extra care while cleaning. Try to use mild dishwashing soap and water to clean and further dry with paper towels.

Carry forward the same method with powder coated steel lids and do not try to use stainless steel polish as it may damage the real finish.

Now it’s the time to bring your soapy water in use, for cleaning stainless steel lids clean the stubborn grime and grease using a sponge. Once cleaning is done, remove all the soap with warm water and dry using a cloth or rag.

Sandpaper or scraper can be best used to clean the corrosion of the painted lids. Wash the surface with soapy water and once dry, you can paint the lid as per given in manual’s instructions.

cleaning grill exterior

Some points to remember (Always)

  1. Try to clean your grill after every use to remove extra grease and to keep the grates neat and healthy to use again.
  2. Keep a regular check on fuel lines and ignition system. Also, check the fuel level.
  3. If you love grilling, keep that some love for grills also. Clean the interiors and exteriors timely.
  4. Clean the cooking grates, burner protectors, and venture tubes whenever possible.

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