Wednesday, August 10

The Relevant Functions of Hi-Melt Cheese for Burgers and Other Dishes.

Between its golden presentation through to its crumbly texture, cheese has a variety of applications and forms. Specifically, melted cheese has become synonymous with comfort foods but there are more nuanced uses for this cheese than we’ve grown accustomed to seeing in fast food commercials. One of the most popular cheeses in Australia is Pure Dairy’s Hi-Melt cheese, which is sought after by both Michelin star restaurants and households alike due to its stark ability to melt and it’s bold taste for a variety of different dishes.

This type of cheese is generally prepared by using cheddar or Monterey Jack cheese, both of which offer a bold flavour and melt effortlessly. Pure Dairy’s Hi-Melt cheese is used by Australia’s most renowned burger restaurants and is designed to melt consistently at high temperatures; adding a tantalising and creamy flavour to your dish. This cheese compliments the ground meat used to comprise many burger dishes as it maintains the authentic flavour of the meat without overpowering it- a subtlety that separates the good from the great cheeses.

From cooked dishes to those best served fresh, Hi-Melt cheese can enhance the flavour of a variety of different household favourites. For instance, it can be used on a cold chicken sandwich as a primary ingredient to elevate the flavour or a raft of different salad dishes. Even though they’ve gained popularity for the way they melt, they’re still a delectable slice of cheese, whether grilled or served straight out of the fridge.

Given burgers are the primary comfort food in which Hi-Melt cheese is sourced for, you can indulge your creative side by cutting them into shreds. This way, you’ve taken the basis of a delicious cheese and adapted it for another fan favourite in pizza. Foodies and cheese enthusiasts are always on the hunt for the perfect “meltability” in their toppings and are the superfans that restaurants rely on for word of mouth.

Taking it one step further, you can also use Pure Dairy’s Hi-Melt cheese to make an easy cheese sauce at home. Cook it with milk, butter, flour and add some pepper for extra tartness and you’ll have yourself the perfect sauce for nachos on Mexican night! Whether you serve it hot or take it out of the fridge for later use, Hi-Melt cheese can be adapted to make the perfect dipping sauce for entree.

Where regular cheese melts at around 130°F, Hi-Melt cheese will hold its form when heated up to 400°. Whether you prefer to bake or use the grill, you can be confident in Pure Dairy’s Hi-Melt cheese holding its form across the whole menu. It’s fast becoming a versatile kitchen staple for renowned eateries and households alike because its application is varied and reliable. For those who want to cook more efficiently, Pure Dairy’s Hi-Melt cheese is as good for a Sunday omelette as it is for an indulgent cheese chiffon cake.