Sunday, December 3

Perfect for winter : Wagyu Sukiyaki Ramen

If you are a food lover, please go to Japan!

We discovered a unique Japanese dish that combined ramen and sukiyaki. It’s known as Wagyu Sukiyaki Ramen.

Wagyu is Japanese beef, and sukiyaki is a popular one-pot meal cooked with beef and vegetables.

It is one of the healthiest and most popular meals in Japan and has been enjoyed for generations.

Sukiyaki is known for its combination of sweet and salty flavors and is really good with ramen noodles!

Why do people love ramen so much? Because it’s comforting!

A warm bowl of broth and noodles helps to warm you up, especially in the winter.

The purpose of making Wagyu Sukiyaki Ramen was to introduce customers to the luxurious food of Japan!

This ramen was developed by Yakko Dining (BEEF KITCHEN STAND), which presently operates restaurants in Tokyo and Yokohama (Kanagawa).

It’s incredibly cheap—just 3,278 yen with tax included!

It’s less than 22 USD in today’s currency, and you do not have to tip in Japan.

“If so many people enjoy Wagyu Sukiyaki Ramen, I want to open a restaurant internationally so they can try it too,” Mr. Matsumoto, the CEO of Yakko Dining, comments.

He began preparing this ramen with Japanese meat (wagyu) after receiving a lot of requests.

In order to achieve the goal, he went to ramen schools and tried a ton of bowls of ramen.

You can currently find this outstanding ramen in Yokohama and Tokyo.

Go to Japan if you’re an enthusiastic eater!

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Watch this fantastic video to see Mr. Matsumoto prepare Wagyu Sukiyaki Ramen!

You can see the behind-the-scenes process of making this ramen!