Thursday, June 13

Five Most Expensive Steak Cuts you can Order at a Steakhouse


If you are a steak lover, you may be interested to know the highest-quality and most expensive cut of steak before you decide to visit a steakhouse. But it can be hard to single out one cut of steak as the most expensive since there are a lot of them out there based on diverse countries. Also, they vary from one steakhouse to another. Continue reading to know some of the most expensive steaks you can have in a steakhouse:

Japanese Kobe Beef

This is the world’s most expensive steak. It has the most perfect marbling of any steak you can buy. The beef goes through a thorough grading process and there are only 3. 000 cattle that qualify as genuine Japanese Kobe beef every year. The average cost of this steak $2, 000 per pound which may increase, depending on the steakhouse.

Japanese Wagyu Beef

This meat cut is popular for its perfect and phenomenal marbling. It is known for its grading system and emanates from Japanese cattle. Often, the cattle are provided with some bespoke diet including grass and grains to ensure the perfect balance of fat and muscle. It is cheaper than Japanese Kobe Beef and costs just around $130 to $200 per pound. 

Filet Mignon

This meat is the tenderest cut from the tenderloin. While it can be pricy, the majority of customers rate it highly because of its remarkable texture. Filet mignon is affordable compared to other kinds of steaks. It can be available at $25 to $30 per pound. However, you want your filet mignon done, Rib’N Reef will serve it according to your requirements.  

American Wagyu Beef

This meat cut is very similar to the Japanese Wagyu beef. The only difference is that it hails from American cattle. The cattle are raised using borrowed Japanese systems and practices. American wagyu beef has the same marbling and flavor. But it is cheaper than the Japanese wagyu as it can be sold at $120 to $130 per pound.

New York Strip

This steak is one of the most expensive kinds you can find in most steakhouses in the United States. However, unlike other kinds of steaks, New York Strip is easy to find. You can compare its tenderness to the rib eye. The majority of steakhouses serve this sumptuous steak at $20 per pound on average. 

No matter your status and life and budget, you can surely find cheaper steaks that are tasty and satisfying from a good steakhouse. But, if you can afford the highest-quality ones, you would not hesitate to splurge on the flavor you cannot get from any cheaper cuts.