Tuesday, June 22

Going on a Fun Outing With Your Family and Friends? Then, Here’s Why You Should Pick a Riverside Bar

Finding a good restaurant in Montreal has always been a tricky choice. Random picks may or may not provide the refreshing experience that one looks for in a restaurant. Hence the requirement of suitable guides that can help you in finding an ideal bar and restaurant in Montreal. And this is one such guide about a wonderful bar, the Riverside bar st henri, that takes pride in serving their customers with nothing but excellence. Some of the reasons that you’ll want to visit and revisit this place are listed below. Have a look!

  1. They Welcome Pets Just Like They Welcome You

Have a pet you don’t want to leave behind at home? Then, the Riverside bar by St. Henri Canal is one of the best choices. 

They have all suitable arrangements to keep your pet entertained and well fed so that it can enjoy as much as you enjoy yourselves. 

  1. They’re Easy to Connect With

It’s very simple to make a reservation with them – you can email them, call them, and DM them on Facebook or Instagram. The choice is yours and the response from their end is prompt so that you don’t have to face a queue when visiting them. 

  1. They’re a Visual Delight

This place offers the stunning view of the cityline by the St. Henri Canal from their terrace that they use for outdoor seating. Outdoor seating forbye, they have an equally cozy indoor place that you can reserve if you want a more intimate experience. 

  1. They Offer Different Kinds of Entertainment Options

The different entertainment options that are offered at this restaurant can make your day quite fun. 

  • They have an exclusive private volleyball and basketball court where you can enjoy with your friends. 
  • They have live DJ and music.
  • Their skilled bartenders will keep you hooked. 
  1. They Offer a Stunning Menu

You’ll never run out of options when it comes to mouthwatering dishes. 

Explore their food menu to have a look at the entire platter that they offer. 

  1. They’re Affordable

One of the reasons that people like revisiting this pub is that it offers its delicacies at rates that everybody can afford. 

Besides, their menu for beers and pitchers and cocktails is just as varied as their food menu. 

Last but not the least, you’ll not have to sweat it out to locate them. They are one of the very few pubs that are located at one of the prime locations in Montreal. 

You can visit them or contact them to find out any other details about the events that they host.

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