Monday, May 16

The festive season calls for cakes and gifts

Dhum dhum dhum, the festive drums signal loud and clear for us to board the train of preparations, celebrations, decorations, invitations and the essential food. It’s time to focus on all the exciting dishes we stay put for our incessant diets. The gulping on sweets, the munching on namkeens, going nuts over chocolates and fling over desserts, the time is here. Pune, already wildly famous for its foodie culture and over the edge madness on festivals leaves you flabbergasted. Diwali, Bhai Dooj, Christmas and New Years four most awaited celebrations of the year call for the most exotic, super-astonishing, and super preparations.

Here are a few over the top ideas to deliver superlicious food items and stuff to send your loved ones for this festive season:

  • Cakes, a merry delivery

With crispy baked cake delivery in Pune, in delicious flavours listed Red Velvet, Chocolate, Butterscotch, Pineapple, Vanilla, Coffee, Brownie and so much more in the variety of the most amazing cakes available. With mouth-watering toppings with molten creams, crunchies, biscuits, swirled flowers, cherries, pineapples, the cakes look so much more appealing. Your special ones won’t be able to take their eyes off this delicious delivered treat.

  • Bouquet of fragrant flowers

Send a bouquet of beautiful and fresh Roses, Lilies and Orchids to your special ones in life. They are a very well-received present and are especially loved by women. You will witness them watering them, potting them, sharing thoughts and growing love for them with each passing day. A sense of liveliness and positivity that plants bring along with them is magical and priceless. Bonsais, Lucky Bamboos, Palms are some popular indoor plant choices.

  • Food and spices

Parties are all set up, revolving around foods. So many cuisines and varieties rule everyone’s hearts. Be the one to send this share of happiness filled delivery. Nothing wins over food and food wins over hearts. The more spicy, the more the flavours, the more you will set the party’s mood. Italian, Chinese, Indian, Thai being some famous choices for food cuisines, send a mix of all and in return, receive just one gesture that is love.

  • Presents in a box

With a wide range of unimaginable options for gifts available online, it’s easy to make choices. Sending one big gift for the family or individual personalized gifts for every member is up to you. From attires, shoes, watches, grooming kits, gift hampers to customized ones like bottle lamps, pillows, mugs, t-shirts, caps, photo frames, wallpapers and others. Don’t forget to send chocolates and toys for the kids. You have got to go over the edge to be the kid’s hero.

  • Decoration for the festivals

If you are planning on sending a pre-festive delivery, then your horizons widen. You also get the liberty to opt for things people pre-plan for festivals. One of them is decoration material which includes wall hangings, artificial flowers, Diyas, Rangoli charts, Candles, Bouquets, showpieces of God Idols, big birds in graceful metallic gold and silver look.

  • Attires for everybody

Another option in the pre-festive category of gifts is attires. With the availability of fantastic variety online with easy return policies, sending dresses, you think your loved ones will like and will do complete justice to their personalities is an excellent option. Salwar kameez, kurta pyjama, lehengas, dress, frocks, sarees and many other ethnic and western dresses and can be easily found and delivered, it is both pocket-friendly and will surely win everyone’s heart.

It doesn’t take a lot to make someone’s day. Preparation in progress, deliveries on their way you can sit back and relax while you know happiness is on its way to surprise your loved ones. Sending blessings, prosperity, hope, liveliness in little packets, the feeling is on top of the world. Leave no stones turned this festive season, it’s time to praise yourself on all the hardships you go through a year. It is your time to relax, chill and get toned back into your spiritual, and happy phase. Zone back into your precious life and bless all your loved ones with blissful moments ahead.