Wednesday, August 10

Should You Start Your Own Restaurant or Buy a Food Franchise in Malaysia?

The Malaysian food scene is an exciting environment to start a new restaurant in. The vast range of ingredients available in the country makes it conducive for chefs to come up with new recipes. But one problem encountered by business owners is whether it makes sense to start a restaurant from scratch. The alternative to that is simply purchasing a Malaysian food franchise instead. Either way, a business owner will find it invigorating to test the waters this way.

The Advantage of Starting From Scratch

Anyone who has ever started a restaurant from scratch knows this is a liberating activity to pursue. Not only would you have creative freedom in devising new recipes but you can decide on how long your menu would be too. The disadvantage though is that you need to set in place all the systems necessary for your restaurant to succeed. If you’re not used to this, you might have to learn pretty fast while establishing your restaurant in Malaysia.

The Advantage of Buying a Food Franchise

On the other hand, when you purchase a food franchise you are able to benefit from the business experience of others. With a food franchise, you can just copy their systems and establish these. You also don’t have to guess what dishes and beverages to offer because it’s a package deal. The logic behind this is that you are buying a success story and all you have to do is connect the dots. There is no need to invent any recipes or systems since you are just copying. If you want to launch a business very quickly without much risk of failure, a food franchise could be the way to go.

How Food Franchise Owners Benefit

A food franchise system is an attractive business for sales option. The owner who devised this franchise system in the first place benefits by selling the rights to each franchise. In return, the owner will have to put in the effort to help the franchise buyer succeed. The franchise system owner will gain the right to charge a fee as well for use of the franchise. It’s like the chicken that keeps laying golden eggs – each egg could be a gold mine of a franchise. You only have to buy one egg so that when it hatches and grows to adulthood you get multiple other golden eggs to harvest. At least, that’s how it works in theory.

In reality, there could be some barriers hindering the success of the franchise. For example, a disgruntled employee of the original franchise might sue the original franchise owner for “stealing his ideas”. The franchise owner might also get paid by the business owner applying to own a franchise. Then the franchise owner doesn’t live up to the terms of the franchise, so the business owner sues the franchise owner. These are just examples of problems involving food franchises.

It is often best to look for a small business for sale near me when you’re starting out in business. This is good for those who are wary of the risks involved in the restaurant industry. If you’re feeling confident though, you could always buy a bigger business such as a food franchise. This is why the Malaysia Easy Buy Sell Business is a suitable Business for Sales Portal for those who are savvy about business risk. You can rely on this site to help you meet anyone willing to sell a food franchise to you.