Monday, May 16

The Best Way to Make Beef Sticks

Have you come across the word Mini Beef Sticks? In this blog, we will discuss Mini beef sticks. Beef sticks may not sound like the tastiest food in the world, but they are a great alternative to high-carb snacks like crackers or chips. As a bonus, many beef sticks are gluten-free and contain no artificial flavors or nitrates. Moreover, do you know they were ridiculously easy to make?

Mini Beef Sticks are simply strips of raw ground beef that you freeze until solid, then cut into small pieces before cooking. The smaller you cut the beef, the quicker it will cook. You can bake them on a baking sheet, but you should also try frying or searing them in a skillet for an extra crisp texture. The possibilities are endless.

The best part about making your beef sticks is that you can flavor them however you want. Try tossing them in BBQ sauce, Worcestershire sauce, or even some brown sugar and cinnamon for a sweet & savory version of everyone’s favorite snack.


1 lb. lean ground beef (95/5)

1 egg, whisked with 1 tbsp. water or milk of choice

Opt 1: BBQ sauce (opt 2, 3): Worcestershire sauce (opt 3: brown sugar & cinnamon)


Mix beef, egg, and any seasonings together using your hands until evenly distributed. Divide beef mixture into eight equal portions and roll each portion into a tube shape. Freeze until solid, then cut into small pieces.


1 lb. ground beef yields 100-120 mini beef sticks depending on how you cut them. This recipe yields approximately one tube of meat and 2-3 sticks chopped up on each baking sheet (depending on size). If you need more, increase the egg by 1 tbsp. at a time or add more beef or all additional ingredients as needed.

The best meaty snack

When it comes to satisfying your hunger pangs without having a full meal, beef sticks would be your best bet. It would be in your best interest to look for quality beef sticks to meet your taste bud’s needs. A beef stick would ensure you get the best snack while on the move.