Monday, May 16

Tips to Design and Decorate Your Restaurant

When decorating your restaurant, you must consider the needs of your customers over your own. Even though people come to your restaurant for the food, the experience will turn them into loyal customers. Your décor and design have to appeal to all their senses. However, customer appeal is not all that matters. You must also think about efficiency. The following are a few restaurant design and décor ideas to improve your restaurant appeal and promote efficiency.

  1. Open Your Space Up

With an open kitchen layout, your kitchen can be a part of the décor. This is a great idea if you are willing to invest in interesting focal points. If you cannot do it, an exposed whiskey tunnel or wine cellar may be a good idea as well. Let your guests have a glimpse of what is going on in the preparation process.

  1. Wall Art and Murals

Your restaurant can support local artists by showcasing their work. An Instagram-worthy mural will improve the appearance of your restaurant and guests can’t resist a selfie. Posting the pictures of social media may give you the publicity you need. If you have no room for a mural-sized piece of art, put in on the exterior of your building.

  1. Lighting

Pay attention to the lighting in your restaurant. The right lighting can create ambiance for your guests. Think about the effect you want to achieve and use lighting that promotes it. Ambient lighting is great for promoting a good dining experience and bright lights are more appropriate for cafeterias. Consider using dimmable lights that you can adjust to set different moods throughout the day. Aside from the feel, you must also consider staff safety and efficiency.

  1. Branding

Choose décor ideas that give you a chance to market your brand. Use your color palette, logo, and slogan in strategic positions. Create a unique look that your customers can recognize and associate with you. Use attention-grabbing slogans and leave branding messages in every part of the restaurant.

  1. Pay Attention to the Waiting Area and Entry

The entry should have an inviting look and feel. It should encourage customers to get in. In many cases, your customers need to wait some time before enjoying your food. Even though it is inconvenient, the wait time does not need to be all negative. Make your waiting area comfortable and beautiful. Consider giving them some ice tea or water as they wait.

  1. Restrooms

Extend the theme of your restaurant to the restrooms. Unfortunately, many restaurant owners neglect their restrooms. While keeping your bathrooms clean and disinfected is important, it is not enough. Choose modern fixtures and provide some background music when possible.

In conclusion, choosing the right design and décor for your restaurant is about combining three important factors: the tastes and preferences of your customers, your style, and efficiency. Professionals like Dawnvale can help you combine all the important factors and create an amazing restaurant. The experts can work with you from the initial phases of your project to completion.