Wednesday, August 10

If Not Nachos, What Else? The Other Brilliant Functions of Cheese Sauce.

Whether at home or at the movies, nachos are an irresistible snack for all settings. It’s the cheese sauce that causes the cravings and foodies of all persuasions seek the creamy goodness on every night of the week. Luckily, Pure Dairy is here to help you prepare restaurant-quality cheese sauce and nachos from the comfort of your own home. Anita Cheese Sauce is the choice brand of cheese sauce across the Australian food services industry and can now be added to your fresh guacamole, coriander and crunchy tortilla chips to make Mexican night a memorable one.

In Australia, there is an overwhelming number of cheese sauce varieties with very few offering the quality and economy customers want for home use. For cheese enthusiasts, compromising the taste is out of the question but the fear of exorbitant pricing and bulk-only purchases for restaurant-quality products can deter them from ever looking. That’s why Pure Dairy’s Australian made Anita Cheese Sauce is accessible and perfect for a sumptuous Sunday breakfast or nachos on game night. You can buy directly from their website or from any retailer with the product in stock.

Pure Dairy’s Anita Cheese Sauce is made with the simple aim to enhance the cheese flavour of a wide variety of continental dishes. The attention to detail ensures it melts optimally on varying dish temperatures and does not conceal the taste of other edibles in the dish. You can store it in the fridge to use afterwards or use it right from the package as the texture and flavour of the sauce will remain consistent. It has a longer shelf-life than standard cheese sauces and is designed to be an economical ingredient for your repertoire.

As a home staple, liquid cheese sauce needs to satisfy a wide variety of applications as our palates require different tastes throughout the week. Anita Cheese Sauce is extremely versatile and can be used as a sauce, dip, or a topping for all meals of the day. If you are curious and want to try your hand at some popular comfort foods, you can prepare the following delicious cuisines using Anita Cheese Sauce from home:

⦁ French fries & cheese sauce

⦁ Hot dog & cheese sauce

⦁ Mac & cheese sauce

⦁ Chicken nuggets & cheese sauce

⦁ Pretzel & cheese sauce

⦁ Sandwiches & cheese sauce

⦁ Burger & cheese sauce

Pure Dairy is a leading cheese sauce supplier to the most renowned food chains and eateries in Australia and around the globe. As restaurants cater for the cheesiest of palates from breakfast through to desert, you can now offer the same range of cheese flavour throughout the day in your own home. A simple addition of something as impactful as Anita Cheese Sauce can have the kids devouring their plates and your guests finding it hard to leave.