Monday, May 16

How Favouritetable Helped Restaurants in UK with Takeaway Orders During COVID

The pandemic has affected the lives of people in every way possible. Globe got stuck at home, people got locked in their homes, worked from home, and businesses got stopped, but people’s needs did not halt. Humans are extraordinary creatures who always want something exorbitant with less hard work and especially with food. Food is considered a necessity, and nobody can compromise with that; you do not even need to be a proper foodie to love food. The COVID situation has affected the sphere of the food business too much.

Due to complete lockdown, people were unable to step out of their homes, but it did not stop people’s lives, demands stayed stagnant, and one of the critical requirements was to fill their tummies. Restaurants faced heavy losses, which even made some of them bankrupt. In such a threatening situation, some people looked after your demands and tried to help you with their best, and one such aide was Favouritetable.

Favouritetable worked for the profit of both parties, the buyer and the seller. Favouritetable approached restaurants. It worked as an intermediator between the buyer and seller. It helped people in times of COVID, but they are also working in post-pandemic situations to provide the best services. Restaurants facing issues were supported wholeheartedly, especially those who were willing to render delivery services. Favouritetable has worked a lot to help the restaurants in tough times.

Favouritetable started centering on the significant issues faced by restaurants and then came up with the best solutions. Some of the significant constraints that were faced by restaurants and the solution provided by Favouritetable are;

  1. Stepping out of home – people were unable to step out and enjoy their meals at the restaurants, the threat of catching COVID was too high, even now people are afraid to go outside, the fear in people somewhere led to the losses of restaurants.

How Favouritetable helped restaurants- we worked on delivery services and even for takeaway for the post-pandemic situations, which did not let restaurants strained from their services. Favouritetable worked as an intermediator. We picked the order from restaurants and delivered it to the address of the customer.

  1.  Getting in contact with others- COVID is a virus that spreads with breakneck speed and has no limitations, it could be risky to get in touch with others, and it was a great fear for everybody.

How Favouritetable helped restaurants- we worked the best on contactless deliveries in the times of COVID. The waiting list feature enabled restaurants to manage their customers and reduced the pressure of preparing orders. This feature gave particular timings to the customer according to which they could pick their orders. Another feature that got added was the online payment system. The online payment system curbed most of the problems.

  1. Promotion of the restaurants- in such difficult situations, it got difficult for restaurants to promote themselves, as people were not getting out f their homes. This problem was faced by many restaurants, especially in the cases of petty businesses.

How Favouritetable helped restaurants- we understand the criticality of the situation and how people cannot promote their business, especially the petty ones. Thus, Favouritetable came up with the solution by offering an online food ordering system to restaurants to promote their businesses, and we have no barriers to how popular the restaurant is. We provide a stable platform for every type of restaurant.

Favouritetable has been working every moment to help the restaurants in every way possible. Restaurants are given full access to their profit and money, and the payment is directly transferred to their accounts. What else a business can wish.